On March 8th 2016, Host A Stranger Foundation was birthed from three Christian women who had individual, but similar passions to serve their community with the skills/talents that God had blessed them with.
Victoria Coker, Aderinre Dada, and Sheena Morant all shared one vision for this foundation, and that was to serve the less privileged community.

Aderinre Obazee
"I have always had a passion for helping others starting from my college days. I spent a lot of my spare time Tutoring students in Mathematics, helping them improve their grades."

How we started



The goal of our foundation is to host fun-filled and impactful events throughout the year to feed and empower those that are less fortunate.  Each event caters to feeding the less privileged and restoring the sense of family and community while providing them the tools and resources needed to jumpstart their life. 

Lasheena Morant
"Being a person whose had people close to me live from pillow to post and in shelters, my passion has always been to help those that are less fortunate/homeless.  My purpose is to empower those that find it hard to get on their feet, with the tools and resources that they need to obtain life skills." 

Victoria Coker

"Growing up in a home watching my mom host, feed and cater to the needs of the less fortunate, I grew up having similar passion to do anything possible to put a smile on the faces of anyone I meet in need. My desire is to feed, make them smile and motivate them to fight for a better future."